Proximity beacons in art gallery
Proximity beacons in art gallery

Interactive visits for museum and art galleries

Create interactive visits using proximity marketing

Museum and art galleries are facing quite a few challenges to attract and retain people. The future of art exhibitions goes through combining online and onsite experience to provide the visitor with a unique experience.

Reatinos mobile application allows your visitors to visit on their own while receiving live contextual multimedia content pushed directly to their mobile device and to the environment around them whenever they are getting close to one of your art piece or area.

Reatinos interactive visits highlights in a museum context:

1Explorer mapGive your visitor a quick overview of where he is located, maps, directions of other exhibition sections and art objects next to him or throughout the building.

2Multimedia contentPush real-time contextual notification and content to your visitors mobile devices so they can discover more information about art objects around them.

3Physical environment adjustsPump-up the music, start an audio track or even change lights color when a visitor is walking by an object or entering a room.

4Offer contextual discountsA woman is standing near an art object for a while? Let’s push a notification to her mobile device to get a 10% discount if she buys online now. A young couple is leaving the exhibition? Time to push a 2 for 1 offer to their mobile devices to get a pair of tickets for the next exhibition or a 10% at your store to buy those beautiful art objects they have put on their wish-list earlier. A visitor is coming back for the 2nd time this month? Maybe a membership card would be of interest? …

5Like it? Share it!Wow! That sculpture is amazing, let me share a selfie of me next to it to my Instagram followers and Facebook friends.

6Visually impaired toursImagine an audio description that automatically adapts to its context whenever a blind or visually impaired person walks next to an art object or enters a room, giving this person the feeling the exhibition is brought to life for the first-time.

7Exploration trails and learning games for kidsWhere are they located on the map? Who’s the inventor of this art object? How heavy it is?  Getting a notification they are looking in the right room…Lights turning from blue to red or green as they get correct answers, etc…etc…

8Wait…before you leave…Push a little survey to their mobile phone so they can rate their visit, leave feedback and share to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Analyze your interactive visits attendance

Reatinos is a solution rich with user-generated data about location and proximity. You can measure how users of your app interact with the beacon regions that have been set up, and those of course are a representation of physical spaces in the venue with beacons installed.

Reatinos interactive visits analytics

Understanding your customers movements helps to understand their interests in your products. As a result, you can continuously make adjustments to improve customer experience. – link

How Reatinos platform discovers proximity and movement

Reatinos is using tiny computer devices called beacons to detect customer proximity and motion. Beacons are physically placed into areas such as walls, hallways, entrances, on/inside products and objects, etc. and these areas are called regions. A region can contain one or more beacons and each time a user walks nearby one of those beacon or move an object, the beacon information is read and any associated action is fired. Every action is then logged into our cloud platform so that data can then be analyzed to improve customers experience and gain an edge over your competitors.

Reatinos requires an active internet connection, bluetooth and ReatinosMobile app on the mobile device (iOS/Android). Thanks to NFC technology, app installation can be as simple as touching a beacon with a mobile device.

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