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Interactive retail display

Create an interactive display to showcase your products

Create interactive stands to dynamically push product information on a display unit or connect to objects or services whenever someone picks your product up without feeling any pressure. The experience can even be extended to pushing contextual information directly on a mobile device through the ReatinosMobile application.

Reatinos interactive display highlights and examples of use in a retail context:

1 Detailed information in real-timeAs a visitor is handling a product, all details about the product are automatically pushed to a display monitor and its mobile device.

2Stay in touchWhile looking at a product for a moment, the visitor receives a notification to request salesman assistance. A text message is then sent to your salesman to call or meet the client at the product location.

3Keep them engagedYou can define notifications to appear on your visitors mobile device as they range any location (product, cashiers, etc.) or only few seconds later providing real-time interaction to your visitors.

4Social interactionsYour content can be shared to their social friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so you can reach a larger audience.

5Wait…before you leave…Push a quick survey to their mobile phone so they can rate their visit, leave feedback, request for information, etc.

6AnalyticsWhile visitors are looking around, data is collected seamlessly in the background allowing you to perform marketing-related analysis (visitors loyalty, visitors count, etc.).

7Save money, reuse what you haveMost of the information displayed on Reatinos mobile application can come from your existing web site.

8Your brandReatinos mobile application can be customized with your own logo, colors, etc.

Reatinos requires an active internet connection, bluetooth and ReatinosMobile app on the mobile device (iOS/Android). Thanks to NFC technology, app installation can be as simple as touching a beacon with a mobile device.

Analyze your interactive display attendance

Reatinos is a solution rich with user-generated data. You can measure how users are interacting with the products that have been picked-up to improve product placement or perform market studies.

Understanding your customers movements helps to understand their interests in your venue. As a result, you can continuously make adjustments to improve customer experience. – link

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