Customers expectations are changing, how to meet them in a car dealership context?

We live in a fast-living stressful world where running out of time seems like a general feeling to everyone. Today’s customers want to get the highest value for their money while searching for effortless ready-made solutions requiring the least thinking and time involvement.

New generations of car buyers

While baby-boomers have enjoyed more financial power, Gen Xers have been perceived as slackers slotted between baby-boomers and Generation Y or millennial juniors, more digitally savvy. Since referrals plays an important role, there is enormous opportunity to better connect with all generations to leverage customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

Millennials are aware and equipped to find a better offer or experience and won’t think twice to walk away. It’s imperative to make the car buying process–from pricing to service–as seamless and effortless as possible.

A more engaging customer experience in a dealership context…

Customized/personalized time-savvy user experience is the innovative way of better connecting with all generations, especially Millennials and Gen Z. Under promise, over deliver !! Everyone falls for that little unexpected attention.

When asked about their ideal shopping process, Gen Z values a positive experience first and foremost…

1Hey look at my phone! There’s a promo at my dealershipWith the right technology usage, incentives can be pushed to customers mobile devices as they pass near your dealership on the street.

“Hello Jessica! Our new models arrived. Visit us in the next hour to get a 1,000$ coupon.”

2First impression is a lasting impressionGreet your visitors, as they walk into your dealership, in a polite way and make them feel “special”.

“Welcome Paul, nice to see you again. You car will be ready in 14 minutes. You can have a seat and enjoy one of our fresh coffee at the coffee bar to your left, we will inform you when it is ready. If you have a question, Amy will be glad to help at the front-desk.”

3Oh look! My car repair status is showing up on the displayCuriosity is part of people nature. They want to know, they want to see. Show them what they are looking for, in real-time, and let your advisors focus more on their job. You already know the information, share it.

Seventy percent of Millennials say they are willing to pay more for quality vehicle maintenance/service. Millennials have a higher proportion of vehicles with extended warranties, and owners with extended warranties are typically more likely to use dealerships for service.

4Interactive car showroomContextually interacting with the visitor as s/he discover a vehicle creates a higher emotional feeling leading to higher engagement.

Triggering contextual interactions with the visitor as s/he is getting close to a vehicle, opening the driver door or staying in range for few minutes is leading to a more engaging customer experience. An interactive visit could consist of:

  • Displaying promotional video/image or web-site content
  • Creating lights effects
  • Sending a question to the visitor’s mobile device to know if s/he would like to discuss with a sales representative for assistance or test drive the vehicle

Interaction possibilities are nearly endless and limited to your imagination

Strong visuals, interactivity and minimal words are effective at reaching Gen Z.

5Get more five star ratings!Push a survey to your visitors mobile device as they walk out the dealership or are in the dealership for a while.

Technology is key

It is more than likely that you already heard about “Internet of Things” or “IoT” but you may be scratching your head figuring out what it is. The IoT refers to the connection of everyday objects to the Internet. Television, cars, kitchen appliances, even health monitors are all example of IoT devices.

By 2020, it is expected to be approximately four connected objects for every human being on the planet, that is more than 24 billion IoT devices.

A good example of how IoT can be used to create more engaging customer experience is Amazon GO; A store where you just walk-in, pick your products and walk away – no need to checkout, it is done automatically because it knows who you are and what you’ve picked.

Think about it for a minute, in few years from now, how would your customer be feeling entering your dealership when they are used to experiences like Amazon?


The industry is putting a lot of efforts on the self-driving cars but what about the dealership market? In Today’s fast-living stressful world, customer service processes needs to be geared toward more personalized time saving and engaging experiences to meet customers new expectations and build loyalty.

To discuss how your dealership can create a more engaging customer experience, fill-in our contact form or contact Sylvain Audet at 514-582-9588. You can also visit Reatinos website to learn more about our innovative solutions or follow @reatinos on social networks.


Special thanks to Mr. Frédéric Beauvais, General Sales Manager at Chambly KIA for his collaboration.

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