We are an IoT solutions provider

IoT helps create interoperability between humans, services, machines and objects in multiple ways.

More engaging customer experience

  • Update display monitor(s) content
  • Push dynamic content to a mobile device
  • Create lights effects
  • Switch on a device
  • Send SMS, post a tweet, ...
Our technology lets you transform your venue by triggering contextual actions based on people proximity/object-motion detection..

Industry 4.0

Allow physical systems to communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time.

Electronics support

Turn electronics on or off from anywhere with the help of smart switches like WeMo.

Lights On!

Create cool interactions with your Philips Hue Lights or Lutron lights systems such as dimming an entire area or changing the color of a light when someone enters a room or moves an object. - Millions of colors available! Possibilities are endless.

Real-time analytics

Access a huge amount of data to monitor your systems in real-time or get a clear understanding of your visitors appreciation, dwell time, products they have been looking at, etc. for one or more locations. Use this information to improve your system monitoring/maintenance or your offer (products placement, accessories colors, lighting, etc.) and raise your sales!

Surveys and Rating

Push real-time or delayed surveys to your visitors mobile devices to get some feedback when and where you need it.

Team work

You are good in your field and so we are with technology. We take care of all technical details working close with your team at every steps of the project.

- 81% of all trade show attendees have buying authority and visit fewer than 10% of the total number of exhibition stands. Source: Tech Spark

Innovative use cases

Reatinos creates more engaging customers experiences by triggering contextual actions for everyday objects such as LCD monitors/TVs, lights, mobile devices, etc.

Watch our videos below for more awesome innovative ideas or browse our use cases examples.

Client entrance detection

Interactive Showroom

In/Out/Motion Simulation

Interactive retail display stand

Visitors in venue

Why Choose Us?

We are technology lovers with a deep expertise in the IT field born out of thousands of hours of development experience. We can be a true partner at every step of your project, from development and initial testing to full-scale rollout and support.


We are very excited when it comes to working on challenging projects involving state of the art technologies that helps our clients succeed.

We think out of the box

We like to put our deep technical knowledge at defining creative solutions.


Once we embrace a project, we are totally into it.

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